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Fenix has released a new lantern - the Fenix CL09! The CL09 includes a neutral white light but also has a red and green light. The white light has a max of 200 lumens!

  • IP68 rating
  • Use 16340 or CR123
  • 4 output modes plus red and green

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BRAND NEW RELEASE PLUS FREE COIN GAWWelcome the release of the much anticipated release of the our headlamp! The Fenix HM50R is a spiritual successor to the immensely popular HL50. The Fenix HM50R has a 500 lumen max output, it is IP68 rated, and it is a mini headlamp in a full-metal housing that can be [...]

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RUIKE KNIVES ARE HEREFenix Outfitters is the go to source for Fenix's new line of high-end knives. After storming on to the scene last year, Ruike Knives have become highly sought after. Check out the entire line-up HERE. Plus, just the other day, Fenix announced their newest and greatest LED headlamp! The Fenix HP30R! Get your [...]

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Flashlight Guide for Father's Day and Sale

GETTING HIM SOMETHING SPECIAL This time around, get your husband or father a gift that will provide everyday kind of use for years to come. When you give a Fenix light, this is exactly what you are doing.Since a Fenix light would be such a perfect fit for every Father, we created a list with our [...]

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Top Go To Lights for Power Outages and Emergencies

Storm Season Is Upon Us...It is about that time of the year that summer brings massive storms across the country, many of which cause wide-spread power outages, or in some cases, even worse. When your power goes out and you're left in the dark, it's critical to be prepared. Your obvious first priority should be [...]

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Celebrate Bike Month With This Promo

IT'S LIKE RIDING A BIKE... Fun Fact: Fenix has award-winning bike lights in their arsenal. Did you know that? Well now you do! These lights are like strapping a street lamp to the front of your bike. The weather is finally agreeing with us that it is biking season so there is no need to let [...]

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Impressive New Lights Plus Weekend Promo!!

DEFINITELY IMPRESSEDIt was an early christmas for us when we got the new Fenix FD20 in this week! What can we say besides, impressed!! Here is a short VIDEO. It finally happened that we now have a AA-battery powered focusable beam from Fenix!PLUS - everyone got their Fenix TK25 R&B preordered yet?? We are expecting it next week [...]

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Newest Multi-Colored LED Flashlight from Fenix!!

Everyone please welcome the Fenix TK25 R&B! This new tactical flashlight offers a white, a red, and a blue LED! The TK25 R&B includes a 1000 lumen white LED with two outputs with the red LED and one output with the blue LED.Few Key Points 3 different LEDTwisting head to change between colored and white LEDTactical tail switch1000 lumens [...]

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Mother's Know and Deserve the Best!!

ADD ONE OF THESE TO THE FLOWERS!Celebrate Mom by giving her the gift of light--she will think of you every time she turns it on. Mom will wonder how she ever did without the "gift of light" from you. 15% OFF THIS THRU 5/12 MOM15 COUPON CODEShop early to get that light by Mother's Day!Thank you for [...]

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Flashlight When You Need It and Weekend Promo!

YOU'VE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS!Demand for a focus beam flashlight is very high--announcing an AA battery-powered, focus beam flashlight. Fenix FD20! YOU have more control over the beam pattern in a flashlight powered by a commonly found battery. You actually have three battery options! Oh the choices you have now. Operator control is good!15% OFF THIS [...]

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